Broken Crown? We Can Help
By Avenue Dental Group
January 14, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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At Avenue Dental Group, we care for all our patients' oral health needs--from preventive treatments to restorations to cosmetic makeovers. Dr. Brian Stark, Dr. Eyad Bittar, and Dr. Thomas Dudley quickly and compassionately deliver emergency care. A common urgent issue is a broken crown. Learn how our Menomonee Falls, WI team can help you with this smile problem.

Your dental crown

It has restored a tooth weakened by several fillings. Your smile has looked and functioned normally since your dentist at Avenue Dental Group placed this realistic porcelain restoration. You've brushed and flossed around it daily and worn a bite guard to protect it from your habit of clenching your teeth.

So, you expected to have your crown for 10 years or even beyond that. But, then, you took a fall while playing basketball. That crown took a hard blow, and part of it is missing. What should you do?

Fixing that broken crown

Do not delay. Contact your dental team at Avenue Dental Group in Menomonee Falls, WI. You'll be given immediate first aid advice and an appointment to see one of our dentists as necessary. Much depends on your level of pain and how much damage your crown, and the underlying tooth, have sustained. Some teeth require root canal therapy to remove the inflamed interior pulp, reports Healthline. Still, others may require a new porcelain crown.

Here's what you may need to do:

1. Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain. Rinse your mouth with clear water if you have any bleeding. Apply ice to your jaw as needed.

2. Save the crown, or crown fragments, in a sealed plastic bag or another container. Bring them to Avenue Dental Group. Your dentist may repair the crown with composite resin if possible or replace it if necessary.

3. Cover the ragged crown/tooth with orthodontic wax.

Avoiding crown damage

Today's crowns are exceptionally durable and natural-looking. However, no dental restoration is indestructible. As such, you should take certain precautions to avoid dislodging or fracturing a crown. We recommend:

  • Daily crown care--brushing and flossing as the mainstays of your oral hygiene routine
  • Wearing a bite guard if you are what dentists call a bruxer--a habitual teeth clencher and grinder
  • Wearing an athletic mouth guard for impact sports, such as hockey
  • Seeing your dentist at Avenue Dental Group twice a year for a professional dental cleaning and comprehensive examination

Let us help you

A fractured dental crown is truly urgent. So, do not delay in contacting Avenue Dental Group for expert help. Drs. Stark, Bittar, or Dudley will restore your smile so you feel and look your best. Phone our Menomonee Falls, WI, office at (262) 251-6555.